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Published on August 26th, 2013 | by Prepping Ideas

Urban Survival Food Storage, Rations, and Supply

“If you’ve planned well and have an emergency survival kit that includes food rations, you have a better chance of getting through the survival situation smoothly than those who did not put aside rations for such a contingency.

Your food supply will get you through the difficult challenges that will come at you in the initial phase, such as assessing the situation, figuring out an action plan, and considering any natural food sources that might be in the vicinity.

Your emergency rations might be all you need, since statistics show that in the majority of survival situations, people are rescued or escape unaided within 72 hours.

The importance of having a food supply on hand for a survival situation is crucial. Due to the fact that in our everyday lives, with food sources abundant and close by, we don’t concern ourselves with the possibility that our food supply might one day be cut off.

It’s only in a sudden situation, when for example a political crisis or a natural disaster and you’re cut off from the usual food sources that you’ll quickly realize that your very existence is going to depend on your ability to feed yourself.

What is the Ultimate Survival Food?”

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